Dell Latitude E5440 Review

The Dell Latitude E5440 is a reliable companion for your daily work, it has a well thought out set of interfaces and good input devices. In our review, we will see what else is interesting about the 14-inch laptop.

Working tools must be reliable, they must provide suitable interfaces, and they must be operated without being connected to the mains for a sufficient period of time. The first two aspects in the business families of the main manufacturers have been observed for a long time, but about the battery life, not everything was so rosy. Only the appearance of the Haswell platform made it possible to make significant progress. Some ultrabooks, despite their compact design and adequate performance, provide a full day of work without access to a power outlet. Unsurprisingly, business notebooks are increasingly featuring the latest Intel ultrabook processors. In this case, manufacturers do not always use the ultrabook brand, since it is rarely possible to fit familiar business laptops into rather strict restrictions – although there are also exceptions to the rule, for example,

And our test lab just received a non-ultrabook, but with a U processor for ultrabooks – the Dell Latitude E5440. The 14-inch laptop claims to be a “workhorse” for the business segment, it does not set any hardware records. Our test model was equipped with an Intel Core i5-4300 processor, 500GB SSHD, and a 1600×900 pixel display. The E5440 laptop is already available with a Haswell Refresh Core i5-4310U processor that runs 100 MHz higher. The price in this case is from 40.5 thousand rubles .

Simple yet reliable

The Dell Latitude E5440 laptop can be called an unassuming work model with good battery life. This is immediately apparent from the body. The E5440 is housed in a completely matte black casing, no decorations are available. But that’s how a work laptop should be, isn’t it?

After opening the display lid, the impression does not change. Dell used matte black plastic inside – even around the display. Considering the price, it should come as no surprise that the American manufacturer has ditched aluminum. But, unlike the Japanese Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-B , which uses textured plastic, Dell did not risk it. In the Dell laptop, we get a smooth plastic, velvety to the touch, although fingerprints are too noticeable on it. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly wipe the surfaces with a cloth, which is no longer so good for a “workhorse”. But the E5440 leaves an impression of high quality materials and workmanship.

The thickness of the case convinced us less. Dell opted for a 28mm case for a business laptop – even the Clevo P651SE with a GeForce GTX 970M graphics card is noticeably thinner. However, a 14-inch laptop will fit into a briefcase or backpack without any problems. The situation is similar with the weight, 2.3 kg for the E5440 is not the least weight, but the laptop cannot be called heavy either. Although some weight reduction in future generations would be desirable.

But at least this thickness allowed Dell to equip the E5440 with a large number of interfaces, although you cannot call it very rich. You get three USB ports, two of which support the new USB 3.0 standard – a fourth would be nice. Dell has a good distribution of ports on three sides of the laptop, we did not notice any restrictions here. Dell has installed two video outputs – in addition to HDMI, we also received VGA, which is mandatory for a business laptop. The range of interfaces is complemented by an RJ45 port, which is integrated into the display hinge to save space. At the bottom, Dell has added a port for a docking station. It partly explains the thickness of the case.

Network support is up to date. The wired network is connected via the Gigabit LAN port, the wireless network supports the 802.11n standard, but not ac, unfortunately. Bluetooth is supported in modern version 4.0. There is no NFC support.

The keyboard was pleasant and comfortable. Dell has abandoned the island keyboard, we get standard keys, close to each other. But typing on such a keyboard is quite comfortable. The actuation point is well felt in the keys, the stroke is also convincing, you can easily type even long texts. Dell has ditched the numeric keypad, which office workers will not like, but for the 14-inch format, the move is quite alive. Dell has opted for a standard layout, so the transition from desktop to laptop shouldn’t take long. We tested a laptop with a German keyboard layout, in Russia it comes with a Russian keyboard layout. The touchpad is not the largest size 80×47 mm, there is also a classic TrackPoint for Dell. Therefore, the mouse buttons are duplicated above the touchpad. Unfortunately, all four mouse buttons are too long to travel.

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